The Service Explained

OK so as explained we have two different services available to contractors who choose to be self-employed yet need a limited company to process invoices and payments on their behalf.

These are:

Club – from £20 per week/£70 per month

If you are already set up with an accountant and just want to take advantage of our payments and invoicing service then Club is ideal for you.  With Club you also get access to Sage 1, an online cashbook, for you to keep a handy note of your outgoings and incomings.  Of course if you require any further assistance with accountancy matters please just give us a call!

Business – from £30 per week/£110 per month

If you want us to provide accountancy services as well as providing a payments and invoicing solution then with Business you get just that.   By choosing Business you do not have to worry about the administration or upkeep of your accounts as we take care of it. Ideal if you are new to self-employment or know what your weaknesses are!

Here is a summary of the difference between the two:




Obtaining a UTR


Registration to be self employed


Same Day Payments    
SMS text confirming payment    
Book keeping services from Sage  

Advanced Version

Annual Accounts Preparation


Tax Return Service

Additional fee from  £99.00 + VAT

Quarterly VAT returns

Additional Charges Apply

Statement of Earnings    

Whichever the service that you require, we’re only too happy to give you what you need. Call now on 0844 854 5220 and let’s get started.