Welcome to your sole trader!

Sole Traders and the Self-Employed represent a significant number of businesses in the UK and make a substantial contribution to the UK Economy.

As Specialist Small Business Accountants here at your sole trader we make it our business to make your business that much easier to run – whether you are contracting your services, driving a Taxi or running a market stall.

If you are new to self-employment then have a good look round the site as we have a wide range of support and guidance that will help you to get to grips with how it all works, what your obligations are and what are the rewards. If you are experienced and just want to know what we do and how much it costs then feel free to jump straight to our what we do pages.

We offer tax return, VAT and accountancy services together with invoicing and payment solutions and more importantly we make sure you don’t miss those important HMRC payment deadlines! Whatever you use your sole trader for we promise to give you an honest and transparent service with no hidden charges and no sugar coating.

Take advantage of our expertise today and let us help you get ‘More Wealth for Yourself’. Call our dedicated team of experts on 0203 582 7953 live chat with them now or request a call back from us at a convenient time for you. Or, if you would prefer to arrange a time to drop in and say ‘Hi’, we’d love to meet you.

If you want to know more about all of the accountancy and payroll options available to you then please visit our main site your accountancy where you can see the full range of services that we provide for businesses of all shapes and sizes.